A brief on the projects I've been involved in, and the write-ups that I've written.

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Sub Domain Enumeration - SubDextract

Fast and reliable Subdomain Enumeration tool built using Python which is also useful in environments with limited or local-only networks. Uses a variety of functions to gather subdomains without any formatting glitches.

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Analysis of Top 1 million domains

A research project that uses the top 1 million list of domains from three sources - Majestic, Alexa, and Tranco, to apply a set of security metrics for analyzing and visualizing the results as well as a popularity analysis for 30 days. Some results from SubDextract are also a part of this project.

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Secure Cookie-Less File Upload Web Server

HTML, JS, PHP only based file upload web server, which uses JS and PHP constructs to emulate cookies for the security advantages required for the given functionality of the web server. Credential management scripts for a given use case is also included.

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Encrypted Full Duplex communication and File Transfer

An implementation of a communications suite using python sockets aimed at emulating some features of netcat. Full duplex communication along with the addition of encryption using RSA key exchange and Salsa20 stream cipher. The tool can also transfer file contents with large sizes easily and securely.

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Secure Voting Platform using Ethereum Blockchain

A secure voting solution prototype built on nodejs, which uses Ethereum blockchain to prevent vote manipulation and promote voting confidentiality. The application is also protected against major web vulnerabilities using Helmet.

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