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This tool allows for weighted splitting of bills with taxations and deductions included.
The split of the discounts and taxes is done according to the share of the person. Assume the bill to be split among persons A, B, C and D is as follows -

Item Cost Persons
X $5.4 A, B
Y $4.89 C
Z $20.7 A, B, D
W $12.3 B, C
V $3.45 D
Let the taxes be $4.62
Let the delivery fee be $2.99
Let there be a discount of $9.99

The total bill value is $44.36

As an example, the following values can be entered in the fields of the tool -
Cost per person: A.B-5.4, C-4.89, A.B.D-20.7, B.C-12.3, D-3.45
Total cost: 44.36

This will give the result as -
C : 10.48 D : 9.82 A : 9.11 B : 14.95
Next, there will be a section (after a horizontal line), that displays -
A.B : 2.56 A.B.D : 6.55 B.C : 5.84
These values signify the per person cost for each person in the group mentioned. Example - A, B, D had common items that cost each of them $6.55 at the end.
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