Tanishq Rupaal

Prefix line with a hash for heading 1

Double hash for heading 2

Normal text is just normal text. You can go upto 6 hashes for headings 1-6.

Use the triple dash to insert a horizontal line separator.

In Markdown, going to the next line will not change the line in the final render. Instead, all of it is considered a single continuous paragraph. To break the line, leave an empty line between 2 paragraphs

like this. So the “like this” part appears in a new line.

Bold, Italics, and a combination of bold and italics can be achieved using astericks.

Strikethrough text can be achieved using the tilde symbol - ~like so~.

Inline code can be inserted with backticks like so.

Bullet lists can be inserted by using - or * characters -

Numbered list is simple too -

  1. numbered
  2. list

Make sure to leave a line between any paragraph and a list to make sure the formatting is correct.

Lines can be blockquoted using the > character.

You can insert hyperlinks using this format - [hyperlink](webpage-link). So an example is -

Tanishq’s Markdown Guide

Images can be inserted in the same way as links but by prepending a ! before the link syntax, like so -

my favicon

Inside the (), you can also specify the relative folder path like ../assets/image.png for exmample, which will take in the file from your local folder.

Next, code blocks can be used by using triple backticks like so -

this is a code block
multiline code block
meant for either emphasizing or writing code

If your renderer supports syntax highlighting you can also mention the name of a programming language and the renderer or app will color highlight the syntax of the code like so -

import json
import os

data = os.listdir()

mdcount = 0

for i in data:
    if i.endswith(".md"):
        mdcount += 1


with open("hello.json", "w") as f:
    f.write(json.dumps({"mdcount": mdcount}))

Lastly, let’s look at tables -

column heading 1 column heading 2
row 1 column 1 row 1 column 2
row 2 column 1 row 2 column 2
row 3 column 1 row 3 column 2

And that’s it!! Enjoy writing in Markdown. Check out the rendered version of this document on my blog too!